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is Slovak, engineering, manufacturing and trading company established in 1999, whose main production program is the development, design, manufacture, sale and service of attachments construction, earthmoving and agricultural machinery.

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Blade thickness Weight of excavator (t) Tooth size class
20 6,5 - 10 200
20 - 30 10 - 15 250
30 - 35 16 - 20 300
35 - 40 20 - 23 350
45 24 - 29 400
50 30 - 39 460
60 40 - 60 550

For excavators

Pre rýpadla RC

For loader

Pre nakladače

RC (Rock Chisel)
is a chisel point primarili for use on excavators. The design provides good penetration and extra wear metal in tough applications. The heavy duty rib and unique tear-drop relief in the bootom keeps the point sharp throughout its wear life.

SYL (Symmetric)
The S is a standard point, an exellent choice for excavator and wheel loaders in general purpose applications. Designed to wear sharp for penetration, and features a center rib for greater strength.

RP (Rock penetrator)
The Rock Penetrator is a loader tooth for heavy-duty penetration. It has a non-centerline profile with a heavy flat bottom for abrasive conditions. The center rib provides strength and promotes sharpness.

RPL (Rock penetrator Long)
The RPL is heavy duty penetration point for wheel loaders with added wear metal for highly abrasive applications. The beveled tip design ensures sharpness, and the top center rib helps maintain the sharpeness. An integral bottom wear shoe provides long life.

This unique point combines abrasion resistance with penetration for quarry type jobs. The RPHD delivers maximum wear metal while staying sharp.

F (Flare)
sharpflared bit for general purpose clean up. Excellent for trench bottoms and foundation excavation.

This is used when maximum penetration is desired in applications such as frost or shale. It improves wear life of other pick shape designs and stays sharper longer for maximum value. It is a non centerline point.