Metalport, s.r.o.

is Slovak, engineering, manufacturing and trading company established in 1999, whose main production program is the development, design, manufacture, sale and service of attachments construction, earthmoving and agricultural machinery.

Loader shovels

Buckets in this category are fitted on wheel loaders with the machine curb weights from 5,5 - 30 tons. They are produced in the version as light loader buckets - L (Light), earth moving buckets - HD (Heavy Duty) and rock buckets R (Rock).

Light loader bucket Earth moving buckets Rock buckets
Light-version bucket are used for loading light loose material such as wood chips, coal, grain crops, etc. Each bucket is characterized by large capacity with excellent penetration while keeping the material being loaded. Buckets may by equipped with additional replaceable blades. HD - version buckets are suitable for work with soil and for loading various  material types. These buckets enable excellent penetration and keeps the material being loaded with great reliability. These may also be equipped with welded adapters, repleceable teeth and inter-proximal segments or additional replaceable blades. Rock - version buckets have significant penetration properities demanding work under quarry conditions. A high ratio of wear resistant material enables a long life-cycle. These may by equipped with V - or direct type blades as well as adapters with replaceable teeth.
Loader curb weight (t) 5,5-7,3 7-8,2 8-9,5 9,4-11,7 11,5-14,6 14,2-17,8 17,7-22 22-23,5 23,5-30
Bucket type NL050 NL060 NL070 NL080 NL090 NL100 NL110 NL120 NL130
Bucket width (mm) 2100 2300 2400 2500 2600 2750 2900 3000 3200
Bucket capacity (m3) 0,6-1,6 1,2-2,0 1,4-2,2 1,5-2,5 1,8-2,9 2,6-3,0 2,8-4,2 3,3-4,5 4,1-5,5