Metalport, s.r.o.

is Slovak, engineering, manufacturing and trading company established in 1999, whose main production program is the development, design, manufacture, sale and service of attachments construction, earthmoving and agricultural machinery.


Increase the productivity of your attachments, turning your hydraulic excavator into a multifunctional machine. We tilt your attachments and buckets up to 180° and/or let them endlessly rotate left/right.

XtraTilt - Tilting adapter RotoBox - Rotating adapter TiltRotator - Tilting and rotating adapter
Tilts and positions up to 100°, 140° or 180°. Small, compact, user friendly for more efficient work. Endless left/right rotation with oil feedthrough up to 360l/min.. Tiltrotator supports your hydraulic excavator with two new functions: endless rotation and tilting up to +- 55, if desired even up to +- 70°. Increased machine productivity up to 40%.